BLK Commercial group is the sole distributor for some of the largest construction brands in the field of HVAC including the following:

  1. Copland compressors
  2. Prestol compressors
  3. Danfoss compressors
  4. TopLine Copper tubes & fittings
  5. Topline Thermostat
  6. ICM Thermostats
  7. Ashida HV AC valves& tools
  8. Hongle contactors
  9. ABB contactors
  10. AMBER capacitorsats


We are the sole distributor of the following Insulations Brands:

  1. Knauf FG insulations (sole distributer)
  2. Kimmco FG Insulations ...
  3. Thermoflex Rubber Foam Insulations
  4. Aeroflex Rubber Foam Insulations


We are the sole distributor of the following Ventilations Brands:

  1. FlexivaTurkish made PVC flexible Ducts
  2. Kugar Turkish Made Duct connectors
  3. Hira UAE made flexible Ducts & connectors


We are sole & main distributor for many construction brands in the Aluminum Field:

  1. Cervellini (made in Italy) aluminum accessories (We are the sole distributor)
  2. Domus Locks (made in Greece)


We are also the sole distributor of the following Adhesives brands:

  1. Shurtape Ved Limited (USA)
  2. Dolphen Adhesives (UAE)


We are also the distributor of the following Gi steel brands

  1. SABIC 
  2. NIPPON