About Us

About Us

British Link Kuwait Commercial center was established in July 2010, making it a young company in company years, but with a very impressive track record and portfolio. The BLK’s commercial sector has cornered an impressive share of the market during its short existence that other companies who have existed decades before they could not – a great feat for a young company.

The sector was established as a company division of BLK to focus on importing top quality products and distributing them throughout the Kuwaiti market to meet the exponentially growing demand and help businesses and individuals move forward with their business and personal development plans.

Just a few short years after its establishment and the division has secured a reputable name throughout Kuwait and has become a leader in the trading arena. Through the years, the division was able to successfully fine-tune its mandate to focus on air conditioning spare parts, aluminum fittings, accessories of all various kinds to meet the growing needs of businesses throughout the country.

Our main warehouse is a gigantic 2,000-square meter warehouse that contains enough storage space to keep our operations running smoothly and keep our deliveries timely.

We also have 4 showrooms where clients and customers can check the products more closely for themselves.

Similar to the other divisions and sectors of BLK and per the company’s overall principles, customer satisfaction remains our number one priority. We always keep customer satisfaction as a priority throughout all of our business practices and make sure that we can meet and exceed customers’ expectations in every interaction by staying honest, transparent, and respectful at all times and throughout every interaction.

British Link Kuwait's Commercial Sector holds the exclusive distribution rights for the Italian Aluminum fittings Cervellini. The division is also the primary distributor of GAMI A.C. spare parts, ISIL flexible ducting, and Bristol compressors.