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We have 24/7 maintenance services for corporates and homes. Contact us now on 1820099.


British Link Kuwait is fully accredited by all relevant ministries and authoritative bodies in the field of air conditioning installation and maintenance.

British Link Kuwait is highly recognized throughout the industry for excellence in the field of air conditioning installation and maintenance. All of our work is executed at the highest level by the leading experts in the field, securing our place as the leading provider of these services in Kuwait. Our massive facilities are modern and fully equipped with the latest technological advances in the industry, allowing us to provide all of our services at the highest level. Our large factories provide us with a production capacity of over 5 tons per shift, making us one of the top producers of tailor-made air-duct materials in our sector.

We employ only the most experienced and highly trained engineers and administrators to guarantee excellence in all of our work. The company has expanded in reach by establishing several new branches in various areas of Kuwait to meet the growing consumer demand for our products. We consistently provide the highest quality work at the best prices in the air conditioning installation and maintenance industry.


Engineering Division has proven their high level of abilities over the past ten years through a vast track record of completed projects in both the private and governmental sectors, including outfitting commercial buildings, residential complexes and hundreds of villas throughout Kuwait.

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The HVAC services division of the British Link Kuwait company has established itself as an industry leader through a wide scope of completed projects, including villas, specialized government initiatives and private sector work.

We are proud of our ISO Quality certification and continue to execute all of our work at the highest international industry standards. The company is uniquely organized and has developed a specialized duct factory containing over twenty of the most technologically advanced machines in Kuwait. All of our machines are outfitted with the latest programs and are managed by technical staff who possess the top level of expertise in the industry.

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