Key Responsibilities

Project Execution

  • Substation design Scope of Work and specifications development
  • Perform preliminary studies for grounding, lightning protection, arc flash hazard, backup station service sizing, and other studies required for substation design
  • Seek and evaluate proposals for engineering and construction services for substation and gen-tie projects
  • Coordinate engineering consultants to develop detailed interconnection construction drawings and support material from conceptual drawings
  • Review and comment on design deliverables provided by consultants and contractors
  • Respond to contractor RFIs during course of construction
  • Perform QA/QC field inspections and punch list development
  • Perform Job Safety Assessments and Safety Walks to identify job-site hazards
  • Review commissioning reports and analyze system performance
  • Work closely with interconnection and project engineers

Project Development

  • Conceptual design and indicative pricing for project interconnections in development
  • Prepare preliminary studies and single-lines for interconnection applications and facility study applications
  • Engineering Support
  • Review technology and companies for Approved Vendor List inclusion
  • Draft specifications for MV and HV equipment
  • Substation and protection design optimization to maximize reliability and reduce cost
  • Collaborate with Asset Management team to troubleshoot existing systems or develop repair and remediation plans

Skills and Qualifications

Primary Job Qualifications

  • 2-3 years professional experience in generation interconnection design, development, construction, analysis, maintenance, testing and commissioning
  • Proficiency in real-world substation design, including 1-line and 3-line diagram conventions, protection strategy, relay programming, protection and coordination studies, and short circuit studies
  • Field experience in substations, including troubleshooting, Servicing, Maintenance, Testing, Commissioning, and Construction support
  • Experience with Medium and High Voltage standards and codes, including the NEC, NESC, ANSI and IEEE standards
  • Proficiency with AutoCAD, eTAP or SKM, and Microsoft Excel